Tea Party Set for Mass “Audit the IRS” Rally in DC

June 5, 2013 9:29 am  

(Tea Party) – A massive and unprecedented “Audit the IRS” Tea Party rally is set to take place in Washington, DC on June 19 at noon.

Organized by local and national Tea Party groups and patriots nationwide, thousands, if not millions, are set to converge on our nation’s capital in a display of unity, protesting the IRS’ targeting of the Tea Party and conservative groups. Not only did the IRS scandal have very real consequences for the Tea Party, it crossed all party lines–impacting all Americans who believe in our country’s fundamental freedoms.


Despite everything that has taken place–all of the abuses and scandals–organizers have said that it virtually took an “act of God” to secure the permit. Roadblocks were thrown at the Tea Party from every direction as DC officials requested information that would make any red-blooded American’s blood boil–especially if you despise big government and government’s abuse of power.

“The IRS and DC officials deem themselves above the law…they  believe it their right to intimidate, coerce and use fear as a weapon. The time has come…the groundswell is happening. This administration should fear the wrath of the Tea Party. It will be swift…and it will be just.”  — Steve Eichler, CEO TeaParty.Org

The Tea Party has witnessed the first-hand accounts of those targeted and even those within the ranks of the IRS as they testified in hearings these past weeks. “They are just a miniscule sample of the thousands upon thousands of Americans who have been subjected to the unlawful and unjust tactics of the thugs at the IRS,” explains Steve Eichler, CEO TeaParty.org.

Even J. Russell George, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, said the abuse of power that he discovered while auditing the IRS was “unprecedented.”

Continues Eichler, “We must have a strong presence at the rally and a groundswell of support from patriots across the nation who will spread the word. Tell your family and friends, get on your email, start tweeting, posting to Facebook, send lawmakers AUDIT THE IRS” Fax Blasts–anything you can do to get the message out. Our focus will be to reach the broadest audience possible because this isn’t just a Tea Party issue…this is an issue for every American.”

The Teaparty.org is urging Americans to send an urgent message to every member of Congress with an “AUDIT THE IRS” Fax Blast that goes directly into the office of every member of the House and Senate. Learn more.





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