Tea Party Plus 74 Days

November 5, 2012 1:21 am  

(TeaParty.org) – The Tea Party has been the lead organization for conservative values, smaller government and lower taxes since its inception. The power and scope of the Tea Party has grown in the fight against ObamaCare and its invasive nature that strips the rights of the individual and crushes America’s foundation freedoms.

Without a doubt, the 2012 election has shown the power of the Tea Party. While some have ridiculed the biggest citizen organization since the Revolutionary War with insults and untrue labels, the Tea Party has ignored the prophets of doom and continued to grow in strength and reach. The silent majority is speaking loud and determined it will not be silenced.

But with all our successes, we dare not drop our guard since the most critical and alarming time in our fight against socialism is upon us. I refer to the 74 days after the election and before the new administration takes command of the United States government.

It is this moment in time Mr. Obama, as president, can and will wield the full power and authority of the mightiest nation on earth. What edicts and Executive Orders will come from a president that has repeatedly ignored and violated the Constitution, Congress and Rule of Law?

Will Mr. Obama grant amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens, forgive all delinquent student loans and sign trade agreements with hostile foreign nations in his remaining term in office? Will the actions of this failed president devastate the future of America? I pray he will use restraint, but fear he will not.

Many would view any presidential actions of a negative nature to be unconstitutional. The fact of the matter is this: by the time the next president countermands any Executive Orders issued by Mr. Obama, the damage of negative presidential actions already taken could take a generation to undo and dash the hope of any economic turnaround.

There can be no question the political might of the Tea Party has been soundly established and has resulted in the resounding defeat and replacement of not only the President of the United States but many Congressmen as well. However, we must now prepare for a potential calamity of the next 74 days.

Our only hope in protecting our Republic during this critical period is to not drop our guard-to continue to turn up the scrutiny and resistance to corruption this former president has been so quick to dispense.

The future of the Tea Party in the short-term will be the unwinding of the previous administration’s agenda. In the long term, it will be holding the new administration responsible for their campaign promises and the rebuilding of our beloved nation.

Yes, we have a lot of work ahead of us, but the Tea Party is here to stay. With your support the Tea Party has become an American institution of great power and organization. Your continued support and unwavering loyalty and commitment will allow us to continue our great task of keeping the promise of the Constitution and our forefathers to America’s citizens.


ABOUT YOUR GUEST: Steve Eichler is the CEO of the TeaParty.org and lifetime Minuteman. He calls for all members of the Tea Party and all Patriots to unite! “The hour is too dark, the danger too great for division. We must unite all Grass-root groups into a cohesive and functional force. The restoration of our beloved nation, the United States of America, shall be the unifying call to action; anything less will fragment our hearts resulting in ineffectiveness and patriotic disintegration.” …..Steve Eichler – 2010

Steve Eichler, J.D.: “America’s Legal Analyst” Graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science Degree. Graduated from American Schools – Studies in Real Estate, Insurance, Financial Services. Graduated from Trinity Law School with a Juris Doctorate in Law. Continued Studies in International Law beyond the Doctorate Degree.

Known As: America’s Legal Analyst Holds the title of Legal Analyst, and is a consultant to Attorneys, Judges, Talk Show Hosts and Authors. Recognized for the analysis of the Constitution, Statutory Regulation, Black Letter Law and the review of Public Policy. Heard weekly on the Nationally Syndicated Roth Show as ‘America’s Legal Analyst’ Founded several very successful companies from 1974 to 1994. Including a General Construction Company, Import/Export Company, Financial Service Firm, facilitated over 250 brokers and agents. Founded and operated a personal consulting firm for business and marketing development. Specializing in the formation, funding and management of Nonprofit organizations.

Accomplishments: Regional Champion for Toastmasters International. Author of the book: From Rages To Royalty. C.E.O. – TeaParty.Org Has organized many Minuteman Watches on the U.S./Mexican border. Has toured Europe, Canada and is Pro-Israel. Lecturer and Political Writer on issues such as; the Economy, Immigration, U.S. Constitutional Issues. Articles published on: Canada Free Press, World Net Daily, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and others. Minuteman Steve is heard weekly on the Nationally Syndicated Radio Show: The Roth Report.


Will We Vote Out Liberty?

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