Seething Kellyanne Conway’s Battle with Lib Media Circuit Over Russian Leaks Comes to a Head at CNN

January 7, 2017 1:41 pm  

(Bizpac Review) – A recurrent theme during presidential counsellor Kellyanne Conway’s round of Friday morning TV appearances was the Obama administration’s decision to leak it’s claim of Russian hacking before President-elect Donald Trump had ben briefed on the evidence.

By the time she got to CNN she’d had enough of it — and things got testy between the former Trump campaign manager and CNN’s “New Day” host Chris Cuomo.

Conway placed the public perception that the alleged Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s emails led to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton directly at the doorstep of the mainstream media.

“Your network is doing it constantly,” she told the CNN host.

The “New Day” host noted that Director of National Intelligence James Clapper reported as early as October that Russian hacking was involved in the leaked DNC emails. Conway shot back that the Obama administration did nothing about it because it was resting firmly in the “knowledge” that Clinton would win the general election. It was only when she lost that it became an issue.

But Cuomo continued to hammer on the subject, ignoring Clinton’s lackadaisical campaign performance and lack of messaging short of, “It’s my turn.”

This prompted Conway to observe, “Chris, I see you’re very passionate about this.”

“Sure I am,” Cuomo shot back. “Russia trying to hack during our election, being ignored by our president-elect? That’s troubling.”

When Conway suggested that the only reason she was brought on the show was to pick a fight, Cuomo claimed that she was “ducking the obvious and I don’t know why.”

At about the nine-minute mark in the contentious interview, Cuomo claimed that Trump was “sheltering Russia.”

“Don’t you say that again,” Conway fired back.

The issue was also raised during her appearance on “CBS This Morning”

“What’s disappointing is having leaks in the media before we actually have a report on the alleged hacking,” Conway continued. “It’s been very confounding to us — and certainly to the President-elect — why this report, if it wasn’t prepared until yesterday, why operatives were expelled, why punishment preceded actual conclusions.”

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