SCANDAL: HOUSE WAS STACKED – Trump Camp Given ONLY 20 TICKETS For Supporters at GOP Debate

February 6, 2016 8:36 pm  

(Gateway Pundit) – GOP frontrunner Donald Trump confronted a Republican debate audience that repeatedly booed him during an exchange with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R).

Trump shushed Jeb Bush during their exchange. His large gathering of supporters did not like that.

Trump then took on the GOP debate audience.


Business Insider reported:

The audience loudly booed Trump, driving the back-and-forth off the rails. Trump said audience members were all members of the Republican establishment.

“That’s all of his donors and special interests out there,” Trump said of the people booing him. “That’s what it is. And by the way, let me just tell you: We needed tickets. You can’t get them. You know who has the tickets? … Donors, special interests, the people that are putting up the money. That’s who it is.”

The booing continued. Trump said he was self-funding his campaign, so Republican donors weren’t a fan of his candidacy.

“The reason they’re not loving me is I don’t want their money.

Trump was right.
The audience was stacked against the GOP frontrunner.

Trump’s close associate Roger Stone tweeted out that the Trump camp was only given 20 tickets by the GOP.

Trump called them out.

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