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Muslim Dad RAPED His Own Daughter For Being Too ‘Western’ – Should He Be Executed?

(Angry Patriot) – The left loves to tell us how peaceful Muslims are, but a new report about what one Muslim man did should put that myth to rest forever. A Muslim father in Norway has raped his own daughter as a form a punishment because he thought she had become “too Western.” If Norway doesn’t have the […]

January 16, 2017, 12:09 am ·

In Stunning Pair Of Interviews, Trump Slams NATO And EU, Threatens BMW With Tax; Prepared To “Cut Ties” With Merkel

(Zero Hedge) – In two separate, and quite striking, interviews with Germany’s Bild (paywall) and London’s Sunday Times (paywall), Donald Trump did what he failed to do in his first US press conference, and covered an extensive amount of policy and strategy, much of which however will likely please neither the pundits, nor the markets. […]

January 16, 2017, 12:05 am ·

Trump Involved in ‘Every Detail’ of Inaugural Festivities… Even Down to the Table Settings

(Bizpac Review) – In what may be a tip of the hand on how he will govern as president, Donald Trump is reportedly involved in the minutest of details in this week’s inaugural festivities. …little things like place settings and tablecloth fabrics, the New York Post reported. #Trump involved in 'every detail' of upcoming inaugural festivities – […]

January 16, 2017, 12:03 am ·

“They Are The Opposition Party” – Trump May Evict Press From The White House

(Zero Hedge) – The simmering cold, if heating up with every passing day, war between Trump and the press may be about to turn conventional, with the occasional chance of an ICBM. Just days after calling out CNN fake news during his first press conference of 2017, Esquire reports that according to three senior officials […]

January 15, 2017, 10:43 am ·
George Soros

A Nervous George Soros Lashes Out At Donald Trump: He Wants You To Be Afraid

Patriot Alert! Why are we harboring a foreign enemy?! Under Federal law, domestic enemies lose their citizenship when they declare allegiance to a foreign power or government. So why is dual citizen George Soros allowed to enjoy the benefits of U.S. citizenship at the same time he: Uses his Hungarian citizenship to declare his allegiance […]

January 15, 2017, 10:39 am ·

Obama White House Refuses to Call Trump ‘Legitimate’ President

(Breitbart) – Outgoing White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough declined to call President-elect Donald Trump “legitimate” when questioned by CNN’s Jake Tapper on State of the Union on Sunday morning. McDonough would only say that President Barack Obama considered Donald Trump’s election “freely elected.” He added that the Democrats that are boycotting Trump’s inauguration on Friday […]

January 15, 2017, 10:38 am ·

Charlie Sheen: ‘We Look Forward to Trump’s Impeachment’

(Angry Patriot) – There are lot of opinions in this world that have value. Others do not. The ignorant, one-sided opinion of Hollywood Lefties, like Charlie Sheen, are arrogant and absurd. Sheen recently said, “We look forward to Trump’s impeachment.” Sheen’s life of drugs, disease, and antics not only call his credibility into question, they entirely shatter […]

January 15, 2017, 10:37 am ·

‘We Got Cocky’: Brave ‘Star Trek’ Actress Admits Celebs Became ‘Bullies’ Over Trump – Then She Gets Bullied January 15, 2017

(Bizpac Review) – Not all “Star Trek” cast members are like George Takei — tilted so far to the left as to be unable to distinguish truth from reality. And at least one Hollywood actress considers her brethren to be bullies for the way they have acted toward President-elect Donald Trump has been since his […]

January 15, 2017, 10:35 am ·

WATCH – Dem Senator DEFENDS Trump, Says THIS to Anti-Trump Reporter On Live TV

(Angry Patriot) – With five days before Trump takes office, sadly, there are still those who are questioning the legitimacy of the election. In a new interview, Democratic Representative John Lewis said that he does not believe that Trump is a “legitimate president,” due to alleged hacking by the Russians. Then, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin […]

January 15, 2017, 10:33 am ·

‘Top Chef’ Star says Trump Needs a Food Czar; Good Idea or No Better than Michelle Obama Fail?

(Bizpac Review) – “Top Chef” host Tom Colicchio believes it’s now time for America to have a food czar — something President-elect Donald Trump should look into and maybe even turn into a cabinet position — secretary of food. The star of the popular Bravo TV series told the New York Post’s Page Six that […]

January 15, 2017, 10:30 am ·

‘Poison Pill from Obama’: Judicial Watch says New FBI Probe is a Flatout Favor to Clinton, Grenade to Trump

(Bizpac Review) – Despite former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton being the creator of her own legal problems, the Obama administration continues to cover for her. Now it’s going after — the FBI? Clip via Fox News Channel Rather than investigate Clinton for her cavalier practices placing America’s secrets in jeopardy, the Department of Justice […]

January 15, 2017, 10:29 am ·

Tired of Constant Trump-Trashing? Patriot Eric Bolling is Bursting with Pride, Listen to His Inspiring Words

(Bizpac Review) – Fox News anchor Eric Bolling can’t contain his excitement and pride in a Trump presidency. During his monologue on “Wake Up America,” Bolling said he has known Donald Trump for 15 years, and is confident the billionaire business mogul will revive the U.S. economy and American exceptionalism. Bolling recounted how Trump’s appearance […]

January 15, 2017, 10:28 am ·

Michael Moore’s ‘Star-Studded’ Anti-Inauguration Protest… Let’s Be Real, are These Actual Stars?

(Bizpac Review) – Professional agitator Michael Moore is staging a “star”-studded protest outside the Trump International Hotel next Thursday ahead of the presidential inauguration. Joining Moore will be bloated leftist buffoon Alec Baldwin, race-baiting clown Al Sharpton, and New York City’s communist mayor, Bill de Blasio. C-list celebrity Mark Ruffalo will also attend the “star-studded” Democratic cryfest, The Hill reported. “Mark […]

January 15, 2017, 10:25 am ·

WATCH – Cowboy’s EPIC Takedown of Anti-Trump Protesters Is Incredible, 20 MILLION Watching!

(Angry Patriot) – Chad Prather nailed it when describing why thousands of college students are frantically marching in the streets to protest President-Elect Donald Trump. “Let’s talk about these protesting college kids. Good for you, great job exercising your First Amendment rights,” cowboy internet phenom, Chad Prather, begins. And then he lets them have it… A […]

January 15, 2017, 10:23 am ·

Trump Warned of Joker in Pack of Supreme Court Options

William Pryor ‘has failed to interpret the Constitution as the framers intended’ (WND) – President-elect Donald Trump has released a list of possible nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court, and with his inauguration just days away, his first nomination to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia, a conservative stalwart, is expected at any time. He’s […]

January 15, 2017, 10:22 am ·

Peter Thiel May Run For California Governor In 2018

(Zero Hedge) – Outspoken Trump supporter and Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel is reportedly considering a 2018 bid for California governor. While Politico reports close Thiel friends are skeptical, the deeply-private entrepreneur’s rare interview with the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd raised eyebrows and Thiel has conspicuously yet to rule out a bid. As Politico […]

January 15, 2017, 10:20 am ·

CAIR to Trump: Drop Franklin Graham From Inaugural Prayers

Charges ‘ill-informed and extremist views are incompatible with the Constitution’ (WND) – The Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim-rights group designated by the Justice Department as a terrorist co-conspirator, is calling on Donald Trump to drop Rev. Franklin Graham as one of six clergy who will offer prayers at the Jan. 20 inauguration ceremony. In […]

January 15, 2017, 9:05 am ·

Riot Stand Down: Obama to Fire National Guard Chief During Inauguration

Obama’s latest move could trigger mass riots, threats to Trump’s life (WND) – Outgoing President Obama is firing the D.C. National Guard chief DURING the inauguration, which could lead to mass riots in D.C. – and threaten the life of President Trump. Obama ordered that Maj. Gen. Errol R. Schwartz, a key figure overseeing riot […]

January 15, 2017, 9:03 am ·

BREAKING – George Soros FINALLY Gets What’s Coming to Him, Liberals Are FURIOUS

(Angry Patriot) – With Hillary Clinton having lost the 2016 election and the White House, George Soros’s power seems to be dwindling, and liberals are not too happy about it. According to the deputy head of Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s party, the country will be cracking down on all Soros non-governmental organizations now that […]

January 15, 2017, 9:01 am ·
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