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Americans’ Cellphones Targeted in Secret US Spy Program

(WSJ) – The Justice Department is scooping up data from thousands of cellphones through fake communications towers deployed on airplanes, a high-tech hunt for criminal suspects that is snagging a large number of innocent Americans, according to people familiar with the operations. The U.S. Marshals Service program, which became fully functional around 2007, operates Cessna …

November 13, 2014, 2:33 pm ·
Illegal Aliens Amnesty

Obama Amnesty Plan Shields 5 Million Illegals From Deportation

(Newsmax) – President Barack Obama plans to announce an overhaul of U.S. immigration policy through executive action that would shield up to 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation, the New York Times reported on Thursday. Such a move will set up a showdown with Republicans, who have blocked Democrats’ efforts in Congress to reform immigration …

November 13, 2014, 1:30 pm ·
Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban: Feds Will F*** Internet Up

“I’m more concerned the government will f— it up,” he says (Infowars) – The Internet will get f***ed up by President Obama’s proposed regulations, according to NBA team owner and entrepreneur Mark Cuban. Cuban is against Obama’s plan to regulate the Internet like a public utility, which he revealed when a reporter asked him if …

November 13, 2014, 1:27 pm ·

Pelosi on Obamacare Architect: ‘Don’t Know Him’

Gruber’s analysis of law appears on House Democrat leader’s website (The Blaze) – House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday tried to downplay comments by an architect of Obamacare, who was caught talking about the “stupidity of the American voter,” by saying she doesn’t even know who he is, even though her office has …

November 13, 2014, 1:24 pm ·

Democrats ‘Lied About Everything’ to Pass Obamacare

Krauthammer: ‘Exactly what conservatives have been saying for 4 years’ (Townhall) – Recently on Fox News, Dr. K weighed in on the twin videos heard ‘round the country: “This is exactly what conservatives have been saying for four years. What we’re hearing now is the true voice of liberal arrogance. [T]hey believe they know the right way—they have to …

November 13, 2014, 1:20 pm ·

Mom Outraged at Son’s HS Propaganda: ‘Most Muslims Faith is Stronger’ than Christians?

(Biz Pac Review) – A North Carolina woman is outraged at a work assignment her son brought home from school that appeared to show the public high school is teaching thatMuslims have stronger faith in their religion than Christians. According to WJZY-TV, the woman in Union County, N.C., contacted the station with a homework assignment that included …

November 13, 2014, 10:14 am ·

Report: $420M in U.S. Weapons, ‘Sensitive Items’ Go Missing in Afghanistan

Internal Pentagon report highlights ongoing mismanagement (Free Beacon) – Nearly $420 million in weapons and other “sensitive items” have gone missing from U.S. Army bases in Afghanistan and are not likely to be recovered due to mismanagement and improper accounting, according to an internal report by the Pentagon’s inspector general obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. …

November 13, 2014, 10:11 am ·

Morici: Obama Continues to Sell Out American Workers for Political Gain

(Newsmax) – The midterm elections made clear American voters want Washington to better address high unemployment and stagnant wages. Yet, on issues ranging from energy to immigration to trade, President Obama continues to put politics ahead of strengthening American families. Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., is locked in a tight runoff election with Rep. Bill Cassidy, …

November 13, 2014, 9:35 am ·
gavel court flag

Justice Department Admits It Misled Court About FBI’s Secret Surveillance Program

(National Journal) - The Justice Department acknowledged that it misled a federal Appeals Court during oral arguments last month in a case reviewing whether the government should be able to secretly conduct electronic surveillance of Americans without a warrant. In a newly unsealed letter, a Justice Department lawyer told the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th …

November 13, 2014, 9:34 am ·
Orrin hatch

Orrin Hatch on Obama’s Amnesty: It’s Not ‘My-Way-or-Highway’

(Newsmax) – Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch has denounced President Barack Obama’s “my-way-or-the-highway” approach to immigration reform and urged him instead to enforce the law and work with Congress to enact “lasting” new legislation. “There is a viable path to meaningful immigration reform, but it does not begin with executive amnesty,” Hatch, the current ranking member …

November 13, 2014, 9:33 am ·
Barack Obama

Conservatives Plan to Block Obama Amnesty Action

(Newsmax) – In an attempt to derail President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration, a group of conservative lawmakers is looking to put a clause in the spending bill that would prevent him from acting alone, The Wall Street Journal reported. More than 50 Republicans in the House of Representatives have signed a letter backing the …

November 13, 2014, 9:31 am ·

Drones Patrol Half Of Mexico Border

(AP) - The U.S. government now patrols nearly half the Mexican border by drones alone in a largely unheralded shift to control desolate stretches where there are no agents, camera towers, ground sensors or fences, and it plans to expand the strategy to the Canadian border. It represents a significant departure from a decades-old approach that …

November 13, 2014, 9:23 am ·
Fareed Zakaria

Fareed Zakaria Faces New Wave of Plagiarism Accusations

(Daily Beast) – Fareed Rafiq Zakaria is perhaps America’s most celebrated public intellectual. Born 50 years ago to an elite Muslim family in Mumbai—his father was a prominent Indian politician, his mother the editor of India’s Sunday Times—he boasts a glittering resume that includes a Yale bachelor’s degree and a Harvard doctorate; the editorships of, and …

November 13, 2014, 9:21 am ·
Border Fence

4 Turkish Terrorists Caught in Texas After Being Smuggled Across Border

4 Turkish men arrested after paying $8,000 for help crossing into Texas (Washington Times) – Four men flew from Istanbul through Paris to Mexico City in late August, where they were met by a Turkish-speaking man who stashed them in a safe house until their Sept. 3 attempt to cross into the U.S. over the …

November 13, 2014, 9:19 am ·

Hagel Says Air War Against Islamic State Will Intensify

(Washington Free Beacon) - Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said on Thursday the U.S.-led air war against Islamic State militants will intensify in the future as Iraqi ground forces improve and become more effective. SPECIAL: Make Barack Hussein Obama pay for his crimes against America. How much are you willing to take before you stand up and …

November 13, 2014, 9:17 am ·
Department of Motor Vehicles

California DMV Expands Office Hours To Accommodate Licenses For Illegals

(CBS News) – California’s Department of Motor Vehicles is expanding office hours as it prepares to issue an expected 1.4 million licenses to people in the country illegally. The DMV announced Wednesday that it will expand Saturday hours at up to 60 field offices as of Jan. 3 — a day after Assembly Bill 60 …

November 13, 2014, 9:17 am ·
Illegal Aliens

Report: 42% of New Medicaid Signups are Immigrants

(Washington Examiner) – Immigrants and their U.S.-born children make up more than 40 percent of new Medicaid recipients at a cost of $4.6 billion, according to an analysis of government data. The Center for Immigration Studies, a low-immigration advocacy group, released a report early Thursday that found both legal and illegal immigrants and their minor children made up 42 …

November 13, 2014, 9:16 am ·

Boehner: I Begged Obama For Another Shot to Pass Amnesty

(Breitbart) - After a White House meeting last week, Republicans described Speaker John Boehner aggressively confronting President Obama over the president’s planned executive amnesty, prompting an extended period of a defensive Obama attempting to justify his actions. But a key moment of the meeting, left out from those accounts, was unveiled by Boehner himself in an …

November 13, 2014, 9:14 am ·
Ted Cruz

CRUZ: Regulating Internet Threatens Entrepreneurial Freedom

(Ted Cruz) – Never before has it been so easy to take an idea and turn it into a business. With a simple Internet connection, some ingenuity and a lot of hard work, anyone today can create a new service or app or start selling products nationwide. In the past, such a person would have …

November 13, 2014, 9:13 am ·