Tea Party announces ‘Day of Resistance’

February 15, 2013 9:55 am  

(TeaParty.org) – Tea Partiers, Concerned Conservatives and Red-Blooded Americans will reignite the patriotic passion next Saturday in rallies across America. The events taking place in cities and towns under the banner of “Day of Resistance” is growing exponentially. TeaParty.org has been spearheading resistance to the Obama agenda for the past several years and is being picked up by other groups coalescing into another hot tea movement.

February 23 will be the day where Americans will say “No More”. It is estimated that upward to 50,000 and as high as 70,000 Patriots are planning rallies spanning across 30 states.

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Many rally organizers are focusing on some primary issues directing their Tea Parties to resist the plans of Washington’s gun grab and the morphing of government into an oppressive Soviet style rule.

“The Second Amendment’s guarantee of citizen rights to have arms are explicitly stated and enforced with clear language “shall not be infringed upon” is undoubtedly a stern warning to future generations that gun grabbing shall not be tolerated by the people.”  Steve Eichler – CEO Tea Party/TeaParty.org

The liberal progressives are disoriented and confused about the Constitution. Therefore their silly position on gun grabbing flies in the face of the Constitution, but they don’t care as long as they get their way. Furthermore, it appears many in the GOP are drinking the liberal progressive Kool-Aid and have converted to watered-down moderates.

“The result of this anti-constitutional aberration will be either evisceration of our Constitution and elimination of our rights or the rise of the right quelling back the onslaught of Soviet style rule.”

The ongoing abuse originating in Washington is touching every aspect of American life from the quashing business through over regulation, Wall Street bailouts, invasive ObamaCare, even the abuse of our foreign policy has seen in Benghazi. The Tea Party is outraged over the aggression of the federal government in all aspects of life. How can our government send untold automatic weapons and munitions to Drug Lords in Mexico resulting in the mass murder of good Mexican citizens, Border Patrol agents and untold crimes being committed as the result of Washington’s arming of criminals is incomprehensible. This type of Soviet style rule must end.

We are as mad as hell and were not to take it anymore! This is one of the many reasons we created Operation: Raise Hell and will raise our voices on the Day of Resistance, February 23.

It is estimated well over 50,000 upward to 70,000 Patriots will  participate in rallies across America, the exact number of rallies is still being calculated, but it appears this is a growing movement of epic proportion.

Many at TeaParty.org have embraced this famous quote: “Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare the truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold, proclaim it everywhere: They only live who dare.” Lewis Morris – Signer of The Declaration of Independence

 Start a “Day Of Resistance” in your Town

“It appears a new resistance is in the making and it will be a greater struggle, for the enemy we oppose is from within.” Steve Eichler CEO Tea Party/TeaParty.org

Day of Resistance: nationwide rallies will be held on February 23 in protest of the Soviet style agenda endorsed by Mr. Obama. All conservative groups, Tea Parties and Red-blooded Americans are welcome to peacefully participate in this statement rights.

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