OCCUPY CELL BLOCK: Cops Clear Wall Street protest park; scores busted…

November 15, 2011 1:32 pm  

(The New York Post) – Good riddance!

The NYPD arrested 200 protesters as they moved in on Zuccotti Park early this morning and cleared out the thousands of Occupy Wall Street protesters who had taken over the space for nearly two months.

Mayor Bloomberg, who called the decision to boot the protesters “mine and mine alone,” said protesters would be allowed back into the Lower Manhattan park but not with their tents and sleeping bags.

But the city’s victory is headed to court today: This morning the National Lawyers Guild announced it had received a restraining order against the city ordering the mobs be allowed back in along with their tents and sleeping bags.




Bloomberg said this morning that the nearly two-month-old shantytown in the city’s bustling downtown had become a haven for criminals and a safety hazard.

“Unfortunately, the park was becoming a place where people came not to protest, but rather to break laws, and in some cases, to harm others,” Bloomberg said.

Under the watchful eye of Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, hundreds of cops marched on the lower Manhattan encampment shortly before 1 a.m. and handed out fliers ordering demonstrators to get out and remove their personal property.

Seth Wenig A cleaned out Zuccotti Park is seen this morning. The cops were followed by Sanitation workers, one of whom was overheard saying,


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