Obama’s Welfare Leeches PISSED After Trump Stops Their Favorite FREEBIE

February 16, 2017 11:26 pm  

(Angry Patriot Movement) – It’s not a secret that many people in America were able to slack off and not put in any effort when Obama was in the White House, but that’s all over now.

Ajit Pai is the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and he is telling these lazy Americans that enough is enough. Pai is going to be cutting fraud out of the abused Obamaphone program. The liberals, like this woman, are sure to lose their minds.

Fraud was a beast that ran wild in Obama’s America. Welfare, food stamps, and healthcare were vastly overdrawn and taken advantage of by those who refused to get a job and go out and pay for the things they needed.

This has pushed our economy into the gutter and burdened our taxpayers, but with Trump as president and with a Republican dominated government, that is no longer acceptable.

The Obamaphone, for those who don’t know, was a program that gave free phones to Americans with low incomes.

This makes a lot of sense — phones are a necessary part of our society to receive calls for job interviews and in the case of emergencies, especially since pay phones have all but vanished. It was supposed to be a great boost up for people who are out of work, not a permanent free phone.

But the problem with this program, like many Obama programs, was that it was sloppy. Too many people were able to cheat the system, costing the government and taxpayers millions of dollars. These people in need were not getting simple flip phones but smart phones hot off the presses.

These people don’t need the latest iPhone 7 or Galaxy 8 if they can’t afford to buy it themselves. They don’t need internet access either — that is a luxury. If you need internet, go to the library. If you need to print something off, go to Staples.

Chairman Pai has decided to give the program a set budget of $1.5 billion. What a wild idea, right? These expenses should not threaten responsible use of money in the United States.

This is not the only program that was managed poorly under Obama’s administration, not even close. Obamacare, which everyone is aware of, was abused by the those who were sick or poor, who got cheap or free healthcare. But it was up to the rest of America to pay for it, and that’s why Trump is going to be repealing it.

These systems are abused too much. If you have a problem with these changes, it’s probably because you are a freeloader!


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