Man who defended himself with licensed gun may still face charges

March 15, 2014 7:38 am  

(Daily Caller) – A janitor who was held down and beaten with a baseball bat by three attackers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin may face formal charges for shooting and killing two of his assailants with the gun that he is legally allowed to carry.

On Wednesday afternoon, the currently unidentified maintenance worker was accosted by three young individuals while he was changing the locks at an apartment located in a rough area of Milwaukee. According to Fox6 News, the three assailants mistook the janitor for the building manager and attacked him over the fact that one of their friends was put on notice for eviction.

Two of the individuals held down the 39-year old man while a third one beat him with a baseball bat. The maintenance worker was able to free himself and fatally shoot two of the attackers with his concealed carry permitted gun.

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The two attackers who died were James Bell, Jr., 19, and Anmarie Miller, 17. The surviving attacker, aged 20, was arrested on suspicion of substantial battery, but was released without charges Friday.

The janitor, unnamed by Milwaukee news outlets, was released without charges Friday, but authorities are still investigating the shooting, and the man may still face charges in the future, despite the apparent evidence that he acted in self-defense.

His lawyer told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that his client has a permit to carry a handgun and feels it is an “occupational necessity” to carry a firearm with him.

A friend of the assault victim says that he is a “peaceful” man who has worked many years in an area that others would refuse to work in.

“I know him to be a peaceful person. He’s lived and worked in the inner city for 10 years as a maintenance man,” Bob Braun told Fox6.

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