Gun Control: Obama Declares War on Bitter Clingers, Hollywood Gets a Pass

January 16, 2013 11:22 am  

(Breitbart) – Seconds after the awful events at Sandy Hook; Democrats, Barack Obama, and the media assured America that their immediate exploitation of the tragedy wasn’t only about gun grabbing. Oh no, they assured us, this was going to be an all-of-the-above national debate. Furthermore, Vice President Biden’s commission would be an all-of-the-above look everything, including the entertainment culture.

Do you remember that? I realize a week’s a lifetime in politics, but do you remember the news media just last week reporting about how Biden was meeting with video game designers and Hollywood to discuss the effect of Hollywood’s love affair with violence on our culture? Do you remember all the way back to last month, when the media itself was paying lip service to the idea that Hollywood has some ‘splaining to do with respect to the ole’ ultra-violence?

Good times.


Today, not a word, not a sound, not a peep came from Biden or Obama about restricting films, video games, or the entertainment industry in any way whatsoever. What we saw instead was Obama stand before the nation and announce that all his “all-of-the-above” rhetoric was nothing but a hustle, a lie, a con, a sham… Every single proposal enacted by the president today through executive order and every single one of his legislative proposals, was aimed at only thing: restricting the Second Amendment.

What we also saw was Hollywood once again receiving the freest, sweetest, plumpest pass since, well, last week, when they did the same with all that rich-paying-their-fair-share nonsense.

Oh, it’s a good day to be Harvey Weinsten. Not only can he can continue to make gajillions off the ole’ ultra-violence, but there are tax incentives to do it with!

It’s just a fact that no one — including the media — was ever serious about doing anything other than exploiting a national tragedy as a way to punish the NRA, restrict the freedoms of gun owners less inclined to vote Democrat, and demonize a culture of law-abiding, gun owners; most of whom live in states that had the temerity to vote for someone other than Barack Obama.

Last year in Chicago, more poor black people were killed by handguns than the total number of those killed in all of the mass shootings over the last decade. But no one wants to take handguns off the streets.

This is all about the left’s ongoing culture war against Americans they don’t like, and has absolutely nothing to do with saving lives.

For the record, I’m as opposed to restricting Hollywood every bit as much as I’m opposed to restricting law-abiding gun owners. What I’m pointing out here is that Obama and his media minions wilfully and intentionally lied to us.

That might be nothing new, but it’s still worth noting.

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