EXPOSED – MASSIVE Liberal Scandal ERUPTS, Biggest Scam in History Just Revealed

February 16, 2017 11:29 pm  

(Allen B. West) – Once again, another senior government official or high-ranking scientist in the “man-made global climate change” crowd has come out and admitted the “science” is, at best, sketchy — and the data corrupt and manipulated.

And, once again, it’s a story that should be a blockbuster, yet has been flatly ignored by the mainstream media, whom many believe to be complicit in this worldwide ruse.

Earlier this week Christiana Figueres, a Costa Rican-born diplomat who was nominated for Secretary General of the United Nations, served as Vice-President of the Bureau of Climate Convention in 2008-2009, and the UN’s Climate Chief since 2010, was the Executive Secretary of the UN Framework on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and who is credited for what globalists view as a ‘successful conclusion’ to the Paris global warming talks last December.

In other words a BIG greenie, on par with Al Gore, let the cat out of the bag. Again.

At a news conference in Brussels, Figueres admitted — with cameras rolling and microphones recording — that the notion of man-made global warming is largely a conspiracy set in play by the UNFCCC, of which she is the Executive Secretary. The UNFCCC doesn’t have the end goal of environmental activism in an effort to save the world and mankind from some looming ecological disaster(s), but rather has, as its mission, the destruction of capitalism.

“This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution.”

And just to make certain there was no room for ambiguity or confusion, Figueres added,
“This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model for the first time in human history.”

And there it is. Straight from the mouth of the United Nation’s person who is most senior in charge of that body’s development of a multilateral agreement among nations to cut emissions and clean up our planet for future generations? What does changing the economic development model for the first time in human history have to do with carbon emissions and the use of plastics? Precious little.

Turns out Secretary Figueres has something else in common with Al Gore. They both blast around the globe on private jets, sleep only in the most posh of resort hotels, move around on the ground in chauffeured stretch limousines, travel in the most well-heeled circles and dine on nothing but the finest foods while sailing on yachts. Because as with many if not most who are in on this global warming racket, Figueres also has an 8-figure net worth.

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