Ex-Gawker Group Launches TellOnTrump.Com with Ad Campaign Targeting Potential Government Leakers

February 16, 2017 11:38 pm  

(Zero Hedge) – Apparently emboldened by the successful efforts of the mainstream media to evict Michael Flynn as Trump’s National Security Advisor, courtesy of an avalanche of leaks from the ‘intelligence community’, a group of ex-Gawker media sites, now owned by Univision Communications, has launched a new website called “TellOnTrump.com” with the explicit mandate to extract “information about the conduct of Donald Trump or his administration” from potential leakers within a variety of government agencies. Per the Tell On Trump website:

One thing we know about Donald Trump is that there are a lot of things Donald Trump doesn’t want people to know about. If you’ve reached this page, you might have information about the conduct of Donald Trump or his administration that you’d like people to know about. Here’s how you can tell us.

Who are we? The Special Projects Desk of Gizmodo Media Group. We are an investigative team that reports stories about political, cultural, financial, and technological power for Gizmodo, Fusion, Deadspin, Jezebel, Jalopnik, Kotaku, and the other Gizmodo Media Group web sites.

You may send us messages, tips, files, images, videos, or documents through Gizmodo Media Group’s SecureDrop portal. SecureDrop is designed to protect your anonymity, frustrating attempts by anyone, including us, to identify you as the source. For instructions on how to use it, go here.

Silly question, but we do often wonder why this resolve to uncover inappropriate behavior in Washington D.C. by our elected officials was mysteriously absent while Hillary Clinton was operating an illegal private email server, ignoring federal document retention policies and knowingly violating Congressional subpoenas…but we digress.

Meanwhile, the group has even launched a targeted advertising campaign on Facebook designed to reach out to folks that list various federal agencies as their employers. Per the ‘Special Projects Desk’:

We at Gizmodo Media Group have launched what we are calling the Special Projects Desk to pursue investigative projects across all of our sites—Deadspin, Fusion, Jezebel, Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Kotaku, the Root, and Lifehacker. You can read about our team and how to contact us here.

We want to make sure that anyone with access to newsworthy information—particularly about the conduct of the new presidential administration—knows how to reach us. Accordingly, we’ve built a web site, TellOnTrump.com, with instructions on various ways to reach out to our reporters securely. Our tips line, 917-999-6143, is accessible via voice, text, Signal, WhatsApp, Line, and Allo. We also have a Secure Drop portal that permits sources to anonymously send us documents and tips. Or we can be reached via email at [email protected]

Through targeted ads on Facebook, we’re reaching out to users who list federal agencies as their employers, and we are exploring ways to advertise in public spaces near federal buildings in Washington, D.C. If you work in the federal bureaucracy and want to bear witness, anonymously or otherwise, to the way the Trump Administration is asserting its authority, we are here to listen. And if you know someone who works for the government and may have information to share, please direct them to TellOnTrump.com.

Sure, nothing “fake” about explicitly targeting a single party/candidate…just solid, unbiased investigative journalism at it’s finest.


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