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LEAK – The REAL Reason Megyn Kelly Left Fox News REVEALED, A LOT of People Are Talking… Major Shakeup at Fox! Just like that, Megyn Kelly’s Been Replaced – and the Feedback’s Coming in Strong Fox Comedy Features 6 Year Old ‘Trans’ Boy Wearing Bondage Gag Whoopi ‘Yells BS’ on Threats to Celebs Who Perform for Trump: Just Book Ted Nugent and Stop ‘Boohooing’ Ten Basic Forms of Fake News Used by Major Media It’s Happening: Tucker Carlson to Take Over Megyn Kelly’s Prime Time Slot Hot Hitler! Who’s Really Buying ‘Mein Kampf’ Will Shock You ESPN Murdered in Ratings Last Year, Now Nearly Dead ‘Totally Mariah’s Screw-Up,’ Source Says; New Details and How She’s Calling on Dead Dick Clark for Backup BREAKING: WikiLeaks ‘Suing CNN’ Over On-Air Assange Smear Appalling: NYT Calls President-Elect Donald Trump a “Crackhead” REPORT: Pro-Trump Conservative Female Likely to Replace Megyn Kelly Megyn Kelly Says Goodbye on Air; Viewers Call BS on the Confusing Reason She Gives for Leaving Julian Assange: Media Is Colluding with Democrat Party in America (VIDEO) Sean Hannity on Julian Assange: “I Believe Every Word He Says” (VIDEO) FAKE: CNN Uses Video Game Image to Depict ‘Russian Hacking’ Fox News Needs to Address it’s Aging Viewership with – TOMI LAHREN FLASHBACK: Newt Gingrich UNLOADS on Megyn Kelly After She Calls Trump a “SEXUAL PREDATOR” (VIDEO) FLASHBACK: Bill O’Reilly Pegged Megyn Kelly as Opportunist Back in November (Video)