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BREAKING: $20 TRILLION Explosion Pumps Up U.S. Economy, Trump is STUNNED On a ‘Day Without Immigrants,’ President Trump Puts Thousands of AMERICAN Coal Miners Back to Work BOOM! Manufacturing Index Soars to 33 Year High Under Trump – Best Numbers Since 1983 and Reagan (VIDEO) EPIC! Trump Brings Coal Miners to Executive Order Rescuing Coal Industry from Liberal Politicians (VIDEO) Report: ESPN Losing Thousands of Subscribers a Day Since Becoming Politically Left Dow Hits 20,600 After Trump Hints at “Massive Tax Plan” Soros Insider: Banks Ending Cash to Establish World Government Trump Rally: Since the Election DOW Reaches New High Every Third Day Cash No Longer King: Europe Accelerates Move to Begin Elimination of Paper Money Starbucks Offers to Pay Legal Fees for Employees Affected by Trump’s Temporary Travel Order Bill Kristol: White Working Class Should be Replaced by Immigrants (VIDEO) Uh Oh! Chelsea Clinton’s Husband Shuts Down Failing Hedge Fund! Goldman Sachs Practicing Economic Terrorism Against Trump BREAKING – Senate Finally Drops the Hammer, Votes To Overturn THIS Obama Order Here are the Stores that ‘Respect Their Customers’ Right to Choose,’ as Team Ivanka Addresses the Dump Trump Signs Executive Orders Rolling Back Dodd-Frank, Fiduciary Rule George Soros Hires A New Chief Investment Officer Starbucks Stock in Freefall After CEO Disses Trump and Promises to Hire Refugees Fruit-Picking Robot Latest Blow to Illegal Immigration