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Rand Paul Doubles Down: Someone Needs to Go to Jail for Fake Trump Leaks BREAKING – Foreign Plot Against Trump Exposed Live On TV. Warn Your Friends. Cover-Up: DOJ Accuses Chicago Cops of Doing What it Did to ‘Murdered Mom’ JUST IN – Planned Parenthood INVESTIGATED by Congress. Results Are HORRIFYING. 14 Busted For $16 Million WELFARE Fraud: Guess Who? BREAKING – It’s Over! Clinton Global Initiative Is Being Shut Down [DETAILS] ‘Poison Pill from Obama’: Judicial Watch says New FBI Probe is a Flatout Favor to Clinton, Grenade to Trump BREAKING – George Soros FINALLY Gets What’s Coming to Him, Liberals Are FURIOUS REPORT – Jeb Bush Implicated in BOMBSHELL Scandal. Trump is Reportedly Furious. WATCH – Judge Napolitano Reveals ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence That Will FORCE Hillary Indictment Senator Who Attacked Jeff Sessions Caught in BOMBSHELL Scandal ‘Citizen’ McCain Sent Aide to Fetch Trump Dossier BREAKING – George Soros HACKED, Revelations Point Straight to The Supreme Court EXPOSED – Cory Booker Says He Saved His Neighbor From a Fire, But There’s Just 1 Problem… EPA Accuses Fiat Chrysler of VW-Style “Emissions Cheating” RAND PAUL: Trump Intel Leakers ‘Should go to Jail’ Wow! Reporter Caught Sneaking Photos of Rex Tillerson’s Notes at Senate Hearing (VIDEO) BOMBSHELL – George Soros Secretly Gave $4 MILLION to Destroy Israel, Media Hiding It Jeh Johnson Email Scandal Uncovered at DHS