Trump Just Surprised the United States Navy With THIS Brilliant Move

January 11, 2017 1:06 pm  

(Angry Patriot Movement) – When President-elect Trump said he was going to take our national security seriously, he meant it.

President-elect Trump is demanding more ships for the largest Navy expansion since the end of the Cold War! (via Fox News)

Trump’s focus on our presence in the water has surprised even the Navy, but they are on board to follow the commander-in-chief’s orders.

Donald Trump hopes that the increased naval presence will compete with both China and Russia’s navies, deterring aggression.

In December, the Navy released a plan to build 355 new ships, which will will likely require an additional $5 billion in funding, on top of their 30-year funding plan that has already been approved.

This is more than doubling the Navy’s current fleet of 274 ships, some of which would likely be retired in the event these new ships are built. The Navy’s previous goal was to have 308 deployable ships.

It’s clear that budget cuts have decreased our Navy’s capabilities. This is not a good thing, considering both China and Russia have continued to maintain focus on their sea militaries.

Matthew Paxton, president of the Shipbuilders of America, said the following: “Russia and China are going to continue to build up their navies…The complexities aren’t going to get any easier. The Navy, more than any of the services, is our forward presence. We’re going to need this Navy.”

The president of the ship-yard’s largest Union, Rich Nolan, said that his people are ready to build the new ships, but “whether Congress and the government can actually fund it is a whole other ball game.”

Hopefully, President-elect Trump will be able to meet the Navy’s goals, perhaps even under the current funding estimate. Already, stock prices of major players have seen an increase.

Ship builders and those employed in related fields are optimistic that Trump’s focus will have a positive effect on their job numbers and career prospects.

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