“America Must Recover”

We are the resistanceAre you as mad as hell and not going to take it any longer?

Have you suffered with this regime are willing to prepare for the next battle America must win?

If so, keep reading. If not, go back to your bootlicking.

(Get comfortable and buckle your seat belts)

The mission of the Tea Party is more important than ever before. Our success is the only shining light in the conservative movement. The Dumbo Elephant Party took full advantage of our work as well as the sweat of our backs, and yet, the blind Dumbo’s refused our wise counsel. Look what happened as a result.

This leaves us with little choice but to suck it up, get tougher and prepare for the next battle, which we must win at all costs.

We told the Dumbo Party they should take the following actions:

  • Ignite confrontation
  • Be more passionate
  • Embrace conservative values
  • Expose Obama’s record for the world to see
  • Use a “big club” on the ‘junk-yard dog politics’ of the left

But the Dumbo party’s arrogance blinded them to the truth. Despite all forces being in their favor, they lost the most important race in American history and have proven themselves useless.

If it hadn’t been for the Tea Party all conservative seats in the House and Senate would have lost in the last election. The Obama Coup Would Have Been Complete.

Because of the hard work of the Tea Party and patriots like you, conservatives gained or protected:

  • 30 governor seats

  • 230+ seats in the House of Representatives

Many won in their local elections and people have finally realized the Dumbo Party is sick and out-of-touch with reality—and must be put down

The answer is not for Dumbo to embrace amnesty, abortion or sick liberal ideas. It is just the opposite. Why did over 4 million conservative voters who always vote in national elections refuse to vote in this one?

Maybe it was to send a message to the Elephant Dumbo Party they didn’t earn their vote because they have gone far to the left. Had the Dumbo’s embraced a strong conservative platform, today we would be preparing for Obama’s deportation as the moving van pulled up to the White House.

Listen up. The Tea Party shall not and will not play it safe, shall not and will not stay in the shallow waters.

We are as mad as hell and getting angrier by the minute. We are going to expose “America’s Fraud President” without ceasing. America thinks we were as mad as hell before, they are going to find out exactly how furious we really are.

America is clearly a divided nation looking for strong, no-nonsense leadership with conservative values. The Tea Party is the last remaining stronghold of conservative values in America; we must not stop but instead turn up the heat and the volume and scream louder than ever before: WE ARE NOT BACKING DOWN! WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY!

Tea Party is the resistance

The liberal Obamites have used the big “LIE” to fool the masses into submission. How did they do it?

The Lame Stream media baby fed the great unwashed masses bold-faced lies with such straight-faces that even some tea drinkers swallowed their claptrap. The great propaganda machine never stopped churning.

The Blame Stream Media drive-by journalists set the stage with their hooey so the Obamites could follow up with fat government entitlements, discourage honest work and create a free-loading mass of subsidy takers.

L.I.E. – pay them to believe anything!

  • LLimited
  • IInformation
  • EElectorate

The Lame Stream Media is giving Limited Information to the Electorate so incorrect conclusions could be drawn and the entitlement crowd would pledge their souls to the Obamite regime!

[And what’s more, the Tea Party is NOT talking about good-hearted citizens who are between jobs needing short-term unemployment support…or those who are challenged in some manner.]

We are talking about government bribery on a wholesale level.

The Obamite progressives encourage the consumption of government entitlements so work can be avoided and souls can be purchased. THAT’S how it works. People dependant on the government give the government power to control them. So they made the people of America so needy and dependant on government that democracy becomes DEMONacracy—a socialist, commie state.

Had it not been for the Tea Party, the conservative movement would have lost the House of Representatives, additional seats in the Senate and many governor races in this last 2012 election.

The Tea Party saved the day and stopped the political hemorrhaging!

The Lame Stream Media have been co-conspirators from the beginning and thereby, the general public knew little of “America’s Fraud President” and the hateful actions perpetrated by the Obama Regime.

This is why the Tea Party must continue to bring national awareness to the dangers of the vile media and educate the public on the impact of the recent actions of deceived citizens selling their votes and souls.

Because YOU stepped forward America has one last chance!

In spite of the Dumbo party’s ‘F’-Up the Tea Party delivered tens of millions of votes in the last election, and what did we get? Accusations the Tea Party hurt the elections. To that I say BULL SH*T. We saved Dumbo’s ass from total annihilation.

But be warned. Our beloved nation has been brutalized by the Obamite hoard for the past 4 years. The Obamites and their allies in the Lame Stream Media have been co-conspirators in the biggest attempted coup in world history.

If you think the Tea Party’s job of exposing that RAT in the White House is over, you couldn’t be more wrong!

The Obamites want you to believe the job is done, and now go back to sleep. Well guess what?

burn flagWe are not buying their story and HELL NO we won’t go back to sleep, just the opposite. We won’t slow down until all the liberal Obamites are fired and sent to the unemployment line.

Our beloved nation is teetering on the edge of being Obamafied and who will resist? We are now a nation besieged, bruised and betrayed. Thank God for strong Patriots like you!

The Tea Party must clean up the liberal mess once and for all.

Once again, the Tea Party is taking the lead and igniting the recovery process and preparing for the next battle America must win.  We call this project: “America Must Recover.”

Caution: Let’s not forget who is alive and thriving in Washington. Who can forget the threat of killing and beating citizens if they vote for Tea Party favorites, accusing conservative candidates of murder and fraud, abandoning our ambassadors, subjecting them to violent torture, savage rape and horrible deaths only to apologize for America! Disgraceful!

If they will do these horrible things to innocent government employees who trusted the Obamites with their lives, what do they have in store for the Tea Party and any American who gets out of line?

We must never forget, the Obamites created unlimited detention and killing of American citizens without cause and many of those minions are still in power.

The Problem: The Blame Stream Media is corrosive to all America holds dear and their voice must become one of disdain to American ears. Their message must be shut down!

Lame Stream Media betrayed America’s confidence and subverted our trust. Their pathetic excuse for news is shocking and revolting. Rest assured: they’re in our crosshairs.

I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!

Here’s the kicker, the Tea Party has plowed forward in spite of the Obamites attempt to intimidate and ridicule us. The Tea Party’s bold and level-headed actions have shaken America awake and are rattling the Washington cages! The Tea Party is ramping up our powerful message so we can be the voice of resistance for America.

How are we going to do this? We are going to build on the foundation of success we used to elect more governors, grab more seats in the House of Representatives and force the Washington establishment to respect the demands of “We The People.”

Our message has been battle-tested and has worked like nothing we have seen before!

on telephoneThis past year we put our complete existence on the line, every last dollar and built a one-of-a-kind mass telephone calling strategy which worked beyond our wildest dreams—to the benefit of all red-blooded Americans!

We are so confident of our new field-tested and battle-ready telephone calling strategy that we have decided to shift to high gear and call more households across America with a new dynamic telephone message: “America Must Recover”.

Our system worked so well it was the last stop-gap which protected America from a complete and utter takeover of our beloved nation by the Obamite hoard.

But, we are not going to stop there.

We are also calling with a message of how America can recover and prepare for the next battle we must win!  This is why we need your help to complete this important mission.

Bottom line is, the Blame Stream Media is still cranking out their vile poison and have turned their guns on the Tea Party and all conservatives, calling you and I racists, idols, cheaters and worse, so bad even we won’t print those horrible names! All the while protecting their precious Obama and the evil cabal that put him in office!

The evil and vile attacks on good-hearted American citizens must stop! Only energized Patriots can do it!

The liberal progressive hate-mongers are calling for:

  • Death to the Tea Party
  • Stop conservatism any means possible
  • Gun grabbing
  • Spinning lies to frighten the elderly
  • Threats of beatings and killing
  • Spending America to death
  • Amnesty
  • Crushing business with ObamaCare and ObamaTax.

It’s about time the Tea Party takes the bull by the balls horns and gives them a yank! Sound dangerous? You bet it is! So was facing the British over 240 years ago with a rag-tag Patriot Army. Just like we kicked-ass then, we will kick-ass now!

A word of caution: Once the “America Must Recover” battle begins, the smug media will attack the Tea Party all over again like they did during the election. Oh they’ll call us birthers, racists, hayseeds, hillbillies and tea-baggers, which are nothing more than spewing liberal hate speech, trying to punish us.

Obamites have become smug in their war against the conservative Tea Party!


We’re mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore

Astonishing, isn’t it? We witnessed how vile poison was spewed from the hateful mouths of the caustic biased media against Conservative Tea Party Candidates trying to break their will. Just as they stood strong against those despicable attacks, so shall we! We will follow their example. The Maimed Stream media is now emboldened! They will mock and viciously attack anyone who defies their imperial power.

We no longer step on toes

We must crush and destroy socialism!  

No more Mr. NiceGuy!

Yes, we are going to call America’s households with a powerful message: “America Must Recover.”

The Preparation: Unlimited telephone calls! We don’t have to re-invent the wheel, simply follow in the footprints of success we carved out in 2012 when we exposed the truth about “America’s Fraud President,” which ultimately protected America from an utter and complete Obama Coup. We got the message out to countless American households, bypassing the Main Stained Media. Now we are going to do the same with “America Must Recover” campaign—and more!

Remember how the Tea Party stepped forward and said: “Yes, I will support the effort to call American households one by one?” The result: America was protected from an utter and complete Obama Coup, the Tea Party emerged victorious and America now has its last chance to recover!

Now it’s time to turn up the voltage on our new message, “America Must Recover.” Many grassroots’ Tea Party Patriots are wondering who will have the guts to stand up and lead the way to America’s Recovery?

It shall be us! will lead the charge, get on board or get the hell out of the way!

It’s time for the Tea Party to pick up the mantle and shout:America Must Recover”

But how?

Dr. Jerome CorsiWe built a powerful Tea Party Team, one of our greatest members is a “Word Warrior Extraordinaire,” a brave Patriot who has more than once brought down Washington and encouraged America! Dr. Jerome Corsi, PhD once again has stepped up and said:

“You can count on me to bring this powerful message to American Households”.

Yes, Dr. Jerome Corsi, PhD. is stepping up for America once again.

Dr. Jerome Corsi is a Harvard PhD. Author of over 37 books, 5 New York Times best-sellers. Dr. Corsi authored the #1 NY Times bestseller, UNFIT FOR COMMAND—the book that exposed John Kerry as a fake war hero in 2004, denying Kerry his bid for the White House. Dr. Corsi wrote the outstanding book: ObamaNation, which defined Obama’s background and raised serious questions about the president’s citizenship. Dr. Corsi is now crafting powerful messages about recovering America.

Now you understand why it is imperative the Tea Party contact American households with a potent, informative telephone call—and fast!

Can you imagine when American households receive information which proves, without a shadow of doubt that the Obamite are planning to finish the job and overthrow America?

All I can say is: WOW!

Guess what? We’re going to put the pedal to the medal, but we will need your help. Help, I know you’ll love to be a part of to get this resistance. No more Mr. NiceGuy.

From this day forward — we will crush and destroy socialism. We will stop the Obamites and their dirty plan.

Our Plan: It’s going to take all we got and then some to get this powerful “America Must Recover” to our beloved nation. This is where you come in. We need dedicated Patriots to step up and help us deliver the “America Must Recover” message to unlimited American households.

Here are some of the things we need to pay for…

  • Renting targeted phone numbers of households across America;
  • Converting our outgoing calls into the new message of “America Must Recover;”
  • Upgrade our effective telephone scripts to “America Must Recover”
  • Pay for long distance charges;
  • Re-train and prepare batteries of live operators for this monumental task;
  • Upgrade our quality control for a uniform message;
  • Pay most fundraising costs — up front;
  • Organize our accounting staff to manage the new “America Must Recover” outgoing message;
  • Prepare our legal team for the attacks from the angry progressive liberals;
  • And so much more!

At this point, our costs are going to be staggering. We are going to cut costs and streamline this project as much as possible, but our message “America Must Recover” must be heard and heard NOW.

Time for America to recover from the Obamite’s destruction and prepare for the next battle!

Fact is, if this doesn’t interest you, nothing will!

Let’s not forget we must keep the call center locations and operator teams off the radar so the progressive liberal cabal can’t sabotage this grassroots operation with their minion goons! Who can forget the threat of killing and beating citizens, accusing conservative candidates of murder and fraud, abandoning our ambassadors to torture and savage deaths…then apologizing for America.


If they will do that to their employees who trusted the progressive Obamites with their lives, what will they do to the Tea Party? Security must be kept at an all-time high! Heck, even this alert will fall into the wrong hands and an attempt to stop us will ensue. Time is of the essence!

Phone roomI’m going to be perfectly frank. With all the discounts, cutting corners and begging for price cuts, we are still looking at a projected cost of .23 per household. Multiply that by millions of households and our projected cost could very well be over $ 230,000.00 per million households.

God knows, America is worth it.

That’s right. We must raise millions of dollars to reach American households! But get this: we are going to tell America about “America Must Recover” with unique and special telephone calls. To hell with the Main Blame Media.

Do you want in? If not, go hide under a rock.

But, if you are as mad as hell keep reading!

Unlimited recovery phone calls!

Here’s how it works out:

If we call American households in 10 batches of 100,000 households each, equaling a total of a 1 Million Household block then each 100,000 household batch will cost us approximately $ 23,000.00.At first glance $ 23,000.00 seems very attainable, BUT once the process begins we cannot stop. The first batch of 100,000 households is just as important as the last batch of 100,000 households. But…we are throwing caution to the wind and going unlimited until you tell us to stop. When we finish calling the 1 Million Household block we will simply move on to the next block of 1 Million Households!

Here is the schedule:

Unlimited American Households — until you tell us to stop!

This is how we are going to set the grassroots on fire! …and our good friend Dr. Jerome Corsi is going to help by providing the information about ‘America Must Recover’ project.

“If you are as tired of the Obama Coup as I am, you will step up and be counted.” Steve Eichler – CEO

You had better listen up and now! If you cannot do this, then please get the hell out of the way, Patriots have  work to do and we can’t get it done if our ranks are filled with spectators and baggage. We need True Patriots ready to step up and take charge!

How are we going to do this?

out going callsTest-call a geographic area and determine if that area is ripe for our “America Must Recover” message. If it is, then on to the next step…

Make telephone calls to the households in the tested geographic area with thousands of calls spreading the recovery message. Once that area has been saturated, we move on to the next geographic area.

Systematically we’ll move across America until you tell us to stop!

Does this make sense to you? This plan will work in our favor because it allows time to raise necessary funds to call across America.

Unlimited American Households – Until You Tell Us “Stop, Our Mission is Complete!

Here are some of the highlights of the outgoing phone messages.

Please remember this only a partial draft of the Tea Party telephone script and some changes and/or additions may be made upon final approval.

Sample: outgoing telephone message:








Yes! Now you can see how important this message is! Unlimited phone calls until you tell us to stop!

First of all, we need your help in paying for the costs to get this potent call out to American households.

Remember, we are going to call American households until you tell us to stop!

How many households will you help at .23 cents each?

America Must Recover – America Can Recover – America Will Recover

You Are America




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Thank you. Someday your children will thank you for saving their future.


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